Hurricane Preparation for Trees in Miami, FL

Hurricane Preparation for Trees


Hurricanes and tropical storms hit Florida almost every year, often causing extensive damage to landscapes. But you can easily make your landscape more hurricane-resistant, so that it's less likely to suffer damage during a major storm. Preparing your trees for hurricanes is the first step.


Hurricane Preparation for Trees: young

Proper tree trimming is the most important part of helping trees survive hurricanes. With precise tree trimming techniques, our tree care professionals at We Do Trees, can train young trees to develop a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches along its dominant trunk. By reducing the length of competing stems and branches we will be able to maintain this form as far up into the tree as possible. 

Hurricane Preparation for Trees: older or large than 15 ft

Hurricane preparation for trees larger than about 15 feet tall, it is best to trim your trees before the hurricane season. Our professionals will remove dead branches that can fall on houses, cars, and people. Overly long branches should be shortened and branches with cracks removed or shortened. Branches with the same diameter as the trunk will be shortened and the outer edges (not the interior) of the canopy will be thinned, making your tree less likely to be blown over. Low branches that are close to your roof should be removed or shortened, as well. It is important to have your trees evaluated about every two years.

Trees to watch out for

· Trees with dense canopies

· Dead or dying trees

· Trees with co-dominant trunks

· New planting and young trees